If the full moon loves you, why worry about the stars? —Tunisian Proverb (via feellng)

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"I looked at my hand and my little finger was gone – the bone was sticking out. It’s the weirdest feeling; one second you’re fine and your little finger is there, and the next second it’s gone. It shoves reality up your backside. I was in so much pain and shock that the first thing that hit my head was the beat and the bass. The bass was hard, so I just ripped off my top, wrapped it around my finger and tied it up as tight as I could and skanked it out for half an hour. My mentality was, ‘I’ve only been here for an hour, I’ve paid £10 for this night, I’ve lost my little finger – am I seriously going to go? Nah, I’m going to skank until I can’t skank any more.’ After that, my mate dragged me down to the paramedics."

Friends later told him that a “bunch of stoners found [his] little finger and were playing catch with it.”

now THAT’S what i call a party

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The sun persists in rising, so I make myself stand

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stop romanticizing unhealthy relationships.

stop thinking you can change someone. you can’t. they need to change for themselves.

stop romanticizing the idea of you two being together some day. if it isn’t happening now, let it go. 

no more pouring your heart out for someone who gives you little to no reciprocation. 

find someone who values your long letters and passionate attempts. this person while reciprocate, with twice as much fire.

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You never get off this train.

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I think defining yourself as 100% anything is kind of near-sighted and close-minded.

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Underneath this skin there’s a human.

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I don’t want to l o s e the boy with the bread.

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