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blows my mind that women are considered shrill and whiny when all i have to do is insinuate that male feelings are not my #1 priority at all times and every indignant male in a 500 mile radius comes out of the woodwork to let me know how they feel

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I feel like this could save lives

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The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

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that basic ass troye boy cannot even sing very well please stop calling him or even COMPARING him to the goddess/ethereal being that is beyoncé

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"All I do is go around trying to forget the arena and you’ve brought it back to life. How do you remember these things so exactly?"
I see them every night,” he says.
I know what he means. Nightmares.

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We all became such fragile, broken things.

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If a dead ancestor doesn’t appear in the sky to stop me, it can’t be that bad of a decision

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anonymous request

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